CLN Group separates itself from the competition by providing you with experts throughout the entire process.  Our experts work in a single cohesive team allowing for a smooth and efficient project from Day One.  Take a look through the services provided below, but know that whatever the scope of your project, CLN Group can take your dream and make it reality.

Custom Homes

We believe the most important decision you will make on the road to your custom home is choosing the right builder.  Given our 15-plus years of experience, consider the following when choosing a partner.

  • Focus first on quality
  • Do Your Research
  • Transparency is critical
  • Ask Questions
  • Check communications style and responsiveness

As your partner, we will bring to life your dream home, and ultimately a house that your family will enjoy living in for a lifetime.

Architectural Services

Our architects not only create the plans from which we work to build your home, but also work with us to ensure we get the permits on a timely basis.  In preparing for a meeting, consider the following:

  • Get your ideas organized
  • Share visual samples of design concepts you like
  • Be prepared to ask questions
  • Be up front about your budget
  • Seek to learn about past projects and deliverables

Having architectural services as part of our offering and integrated with our team makes it so much easier to meet and exceed your expectations.


Interior Design

When thinking about interior design, words like inspiration and style come to mind.  Surely there is a tremendous amount of artistic expression, but there is also a lot of science.  Design principles and elements take into account the following:

  • Space
  • Line
  • Forms
  • Light
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Pattern

Keeping these design elements balanced is key to creating an aesthetically pleasing, visually stunning, and highly functional experience consistent with your vision.


Whether you are adding a new master bedroom, modernizing an old house, or installing new floors throughout the house, we can serve your remodeling needs.  The following steps in choosing a contractor can mean the difference between complete confidence and sleepless nights.

  • Ask for referrals
  • Look at credentials
  • Interview the individuals
  • Check references
  • Know track record
  • Get scope of work and estimates in writing

We have all of the above ready for you to gain confidence and support your decision to work with us.

Home Improvement

The distinction for us between Remodeling and Home Improvement is order of magnitude.  Remodeled Kitchen.  New Bathroom.  Bigger Closets.  Renovated Patio.  The selection of a contractor is the same as in Remodeling.

  • Ask for referrals
  • Look at credentials
  • Interview the individuals
  • Check references
  • Know track record
  • Get scope of work and estimates in writing

No job is too small, and especially if it’s part of a master plan or multi-year effort to live in your dream home.


Our Consulting service aims to improve your experience of buying, building, and living in your dream home.  We know what it takes to build the best home for the best price while providing exceptional personal service.  Some of the areas we provide consulting services include:

  • How to position a home to take advantage of the lot features
  • Review inspections on a home you’re buying to remodel
  • Get advice on your custom home or remodeling project
  • Salvage work from previous contractor
  • Advice related to permits or insurance

There are numerous ways that we can help and share our experience.  We will give you straight answers and advice on how best to proceed.



Let Us Make Your Dream A Reality

CLN Construction Group can take your vision and make it a reality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us know who referred you.

    "We've been through the same Hurricanes, dealt with the same traffic, watched the same sunsets as you. We are South Florida natives, and we know why you live here too. It is a beautiful place to live, so let us design, build, and decorate the perfect home for you here in our South Florida."